Hello there, my name is Leslie.

I am an Australian photographer based in Sydney. What started as a hobby soon became a passionate obsession.

I believe good photography requires three essential components. An eye to be able to see and conceive the shot. The technical skills to capture the image. And the passion to overcome any obstacles to actively pursue and create these images. Together, these three elements will enable a photo to truly display a subjects' personality, convey emotion and most importantly to tell a story. 

My work focuses on people. Whether it is documenting life as it happens, a wedding, or a simple portrait. I would love to meet you. If you would be so kind, lend me a moment of your time where I can take a peek through the window into your life, and let me convey your story.

Portrait sessions start at $400. 

Wedding commissions start at $3,000. 

Please contact for commercial projects and for any further information.